A Special Evening at Pavarotti’s Home in Modena

Remembering Maestro…

A Special Evening at Pavarotti’s Home in Modena

The Luciano Pavarotti Foundation opens the doors of Casa Pavarotti, the residence built according to the specific dictates and wishes of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti where he spent the last years of his life. Casa Pavarotti is located in the rural area surrounding Modena, the hometown of the tenor, in the middle of an immense estate where for years he has cultivated one of his greatest passions, horse riding.

In order to preserve the memory of the great tenor “Pavarotti” and, at the same time, to better know the man “Luciano” and the artistic legacy that he left behind, the Foundation has decided to welcome visitors and admirers of the Maestro right inside his house, to experience something truly special.

Every Thursday evening –  from November 8, 2012 – the Foundation offers a special package for groups of visitors, called Remembering Maestro - An evening at Casa Pavarotti. The initiative consists of a guided tour of the residence, a performance of opera singers in the form of a recital, a cocktail served inside the home and a subsequent dinner at the adjacent restaurant Europa’92.

Casa Pavarotti can be a stylish and comfortable salon for cultural tours and front-rank entertainment, taking advantage of a unique and functional location.

The visit

The visit to Casa Pavarotti allows you to discover the Maestro in the light most intimate and warm atmosphere of its rooms, to get closer to his memory politely admiring his personal belongings, knowing his daily routine, finding the man of the house having removed the role of the great artist.

The house and the entire estate of Maestro Luciano Pavarotti is a place that genuinely reflects the personality of the man who inspired it, that treasures all the objects he loved to be surrounded with as well as the relics of a career spanning more than forty years in opera houses around the world; it guards the memories of the days spent in the company of his family, his friends and the students he imparted singing lessons to.

During each visit, guests will also have the opportunity to attend the screening of some original videos about the life and career of the tenor.

The Recital

At the end of each tour, which takes place exclusively with dedicated guide, guests will have the opportunity to attend a recital, where emerging artists supported by the Foundation will offer a rich repertoire, performing both in known opera arias as well as  in romances and songs of the Italian folk tradition. The recital may include a small formation (soprano and tenor with piano accompaniment) till a complete cast of different voices (five/six voices and piano accompaniment).

Cocktail and Dinner

The cocktail is served at home; it is very rich and includes proposals related to the culinary tradition of Modena.

After visiting the house, guests will move only a few meters to sit at the tables of the restaurant Europa’92, which still today many call “The Restaurant of the Maestro.” The standard dinner includes: rustic appetizer, 2 first courses, 1 second course, 1 dessert, coffee and liqueurs, wines from local wineries.


You can access Casa Pavarotti  just in groups, by reservation only (minimum 30 people; individuals can make a reservation and wait for the formation of a group,  they will receive confirmation from the organization by phone ).The Visit and Cocktail can also happen during the day and dinner could be replaced by a lunch under the same conditions.

To receive more information on pricing and availability, you may call the following number: +39.051.570314 or write an email to: info@lucianopavarottifoundation.com.