6th September 2015 – “Col Sole in fronte”, the Master Luciano Pavarotti tribute event

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On Sunday the 6th September an evening dedicated to the Master’s radiant personality will take place, with Massimo Ranieri, Vittorio Grigolo and young talents as protagonists. Simona Ventura will be its presenter.

Voglio vivere così, col sole in fronte” is a line which Pavarotti sang and which creates cheerfulness and joy of living. This song is the title of the free show with which on Sunday the 6th of September 2015 the city of Modena commemorates the tenor on the occasion of the 8th anniversary of his death. In 2015 Modena will dedicate the show to Pavarotti’s radiant personality (and which will have as protagonist the Italian singer Massimo Ranieri), but it will also organise new initiatives in order to value the lasting connection between the city where he was born that he really loved and the big artist that carried his name to the world. It is indeed set an exhibition itinerary up (from the 4th of September) in the Modena local theatre to him dedicated in Corso Canal Grande, as a kind of “prelude” in the old town centre to the House Museum’s visit in Stradello Nava. Therefore, on the occasion of his birth’s anniversary on the 12 of October, a charity concert for the AIL (that is the Italian Association against Leukaemia) will take place in that theatre and it will be directed by Riccardo Muti with the Cherubini Orchestra. The allegiance of the Modena Municipal Hall and the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation make possible these initiatives, with the support of the city Savings Bank and the subsidy of Hera Inc. These two are cooperating with the Teatro Comunale of Modena Foundation, with the scope of the project Modena for Expo, which is supported by the Emilia-Romagna region. Dates have been introduced on Thursday the 6th of September during a press conference in the theatre by the Mayor of Modena Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation’s President Nicoletta Mantovani, the Modena Teatro Comunale Foundation’s Manager Maestro Aldo Sisillo, the Modena Savings Bank Foundation’s President Andrea Landi and the Hera Inc. External Relations Manager Giuseppe Gagliano. The free show in Piazza Grande is inspired to the Master’s radiant and optimistic personality, the joy of living that was part of him and which he transmitted to other people in an infectious way. Songs like “Buongiorno” and “Voglio vivere così” will be on this emotional “wavelength” and they will be performed with the accompaniment of the Opera Italiana Orchestra directed by the Maestro Paolo Andreoli. The Italian singer Massimo Ranieri will be its guest of honour. Pavarotti Foundation’s emerging young singers will perform and Vittorio Grigolo, an artist that the Tenor met and admired, will sing in a duet with Massimo Ranieri. Simona Ventura will be the presenter of the show, who has been a protagonist as a young correspondent at the Pavarotti International in the afternoon broadcasts of Gianni Minà. The show will also schedule several video showing, among which there is one dedicated to the city of Modena and its inhabitants, which is particularly touching. It displays Luciano Pavarotti and his father Fernando in front of the Modena Duomo with the Corale Rossini, while they were singing “Ghirlandeina” and Pavarotti was the orchestra leader. Another video presents interviews of illustrious personalities about their relationship with the Maestro, others are still creating a kind of mosaic capable of giving ideas about the Pavarotti’s career and the joyful personality. The young lyric talents that the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation has chosen for the show of the 6th September will be: Elisa Balbo, Matteo Desole, Biagio Pizzuti, Alessandro Scotto di Luzio e Jenish Ysmanov.

Useful info:

The entrance in Piazza Grande is free; The stage in Piazza Grande is placed on the Arcivescovado’s side and a parterre of over one thousand non-numerical seats is in front of it. These seats will be accessible to the public audience from 7:30PM until available seats are taken and by 8:45PM. Tickets or voucher are not necessary; access to the non-reserved parterre will be allowed to the spectators depending on the arrival time. Spectators with disabilities that have a reserved area will access through Via Canalchiaro and the same entrance is for guests and for press. Citizens can access to the available seats in Piazza Grande through the passages of the ribbons that separate the seats’ area. The assistance service to the seats is offered by the hostess at the entrances. Public baths of Piazza XX Settembre will be useable.