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Homage to Luciano Pavarotti – Messenger of Peace | Matera, Italy

Homage to Luciano Pavarotti - Messenger of Peace | Matera, Italy

On Thursday 12 December, the event “Luciano Pavarotti – Messenger of Peace ” took place at the Auditorium “R. Gervasio “in Piazza del Sedile in Matera,”, an event organized and promoted by the Pavarotti Foundation and by the Lucana Chamber Orchestra Association, conducted by Maestro Pasquale Menchise.
The Opera Live Orchestra perfrormed on stage accompanying the soprano Giulia Mazzola, the tenor Antonio Mandrillo, the singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo, the tenor Lorenzo Licitra . The accompanying pianist was Mario Sollazzo.
“We desired to be in Matera hosting a high profile and special evening, presenting tribute to Pavarotti’s memory” – said the conductor, Pasquale Menchise – “we wished to remember him with the usual affection, also showing original videos about his life, revealing anecdotes, listening again to his most famous songs in this exceptional setting, in the year when Matera is the European Capital of Culture and in a magical atmosphere, especially now that we are close to Christmas. From here, we have an opportunity to relaunch the message of peace Luciano spread all over the world”.
“The Pavarotti Foundation – declared the Artistic Director of the event, Nicoletta Mantovani, president of the Pavarotti Foundation – firmly believes in this initiative held in Matera, European Capital of Culture, in order to send a message calling for peace, serenity and beauty, hoping to reach many people, of all ages, through the magic of music, Luciano’s repertoire and the involvement of interesting voices from the opera and songwriting scene “.
The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Matera, the Ministry of Cultur and the Basilicata Region. Supported by BCC Basilicata.


Fondazione Accademia di Musica and Luciano Pavarotti Foundation present a unique reality in Italy: the two-year 3rd Level Specialisation Course in Opera Singing. Among the teachers: tenor Marcelo Àlvarez, soprano Fiorenza Cedolins, baritone Ambrogio Maestri, musicologist and director Laura Cosso.

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