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Remember Pavarotti
 A Night at the Opera | Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome

Remember Pavarotti
 A Night at the Opera | Auditorium Conciliazione, Rome

In 2011, from June 8 to July 9, from Wednesday to Saturday every week, the Remember Pavarotti evenings-events were held in one of the most prestigious and exclusive locations in Rome, the “Sala del Coro” of Conciliazione Auditorium, in the heart of Rome, between the St. Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’Angelo.

The initiative aimed, above all, to offer a tribute as well as an opportunity to remember a great man and artist who marked the history of music. Moreover, the goal of the event was also to give young artists the opportunity to make themselves known and gain some visibility: Maestro Pavarotti often repeated that at the beginning of their career, artists need a stage and a chance.

The exhibition Remember Pavarotti, as corollary of the concerts, offered a journey into the public and private memories of the great tenor who, during his 40 years career , had been a source of pride for all Italians thanks to his voice, his charisma and his talent.

The exhibition displayed many items such as photos and films about Pavarotti’s career, video of great concerts (Hyde Park, Central Park, Pavarotti & Friends), personal letters of celebrities, prestigious prizes and awards (including 5 Grammy, 2 Emmy, the Kennedy Special Award, gold and platinum records), stage costumes, original musical scores and a lot more.

Every evening, a soprano and a tenor offered a real emotional journey through the most famous arias of the major operas, which made Italy the home of Belcanto.
The performing artists were Pervin Chakar and Alessandro Scotto di Luzio with Maestro Fabio Montani at the piano; Francesca Cappelletti and Domenico Tegliafilo with Maestro Fabio Centanni at the piano.

It has come to our attention that a member of the public is claiming to be Maestro Pavarotti's niece when she is not.
On some occasions she allegedly leveraged this false relationship to fraudulently obtain money and benefits.

If you have any doubts about whether someone is affiliated with the Pavarotti family or Foundation, please fell free to contact us on