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Vincerò | Piazza Grande, Modena

Vincerò | Piazza Grande, Modena

On September 6 in Modena, Maestro’s life told by the voice of Michele Placido. An exciting show, mixing the power of words and the power of music

His Piazza Grande for the tribute to Luciano Pavarotti. The City of Modena recalled the figure of Maestro, six years after his death, with a free show for all the citizens.
The event was back on the site “heritage of humanity” thanks to the joint efforts of the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation and the Municipality of Modena, with the fundamental support of the Cassa di Risparmio di Modena Foundation.

The show, titled “Vincerò”, was based on an intense monologue, an extraordinary story that traced the life of man “Luciano” and the career of the artist “Pavarotti”, reviving with his personal memories and curious anecdotes his humanity, his art , his joy of life, that exceptional nature lived in a simple way that made him one of the most acclaimed and beloved figure of our time.

The narrating voice was that of Michele Placido, an actor and film director of Italian cinema and theater.
The script was cared by the excellent writer Grazia Verasani. She tried to build an homage to the Maestro writing a piece that was a tribute but not dedicated to him only. The story is told from Pavarotti’s point of view who talks about himself ad his life, as if he was addressing his youngest daughter, little Alice. The storytelling goes beyond the mere biographical meaning to become a sort of spiritual testament, a spontaneous handover not only to his child but to all young people, sharing with them the values he relied on during his life: love for theatre, for music, for others.

The narration was accompanied by the singing performances of young opera singers, who alternated on stage performing in opera arias and famous songs. They were Elisa Balbo, Martina Belli, Giulia Della Peruta, Alessandro Scotto di Luzio, Stefano Tanzillo, Andrea Zaupa. Maestro Paolo Andreoli accompanied them at the piano.

Photo gallery’s credits: © Gianluca Naphtalina Camporesi for Luciano Pavarotti Foundation.

Fondazione Accademia di Musica and Luciano Pavarotti Foundation present a unique reality in Italy: the two-year 3rd Level Specialisation Course in Opera Singing. Among the teachers: tenor Marcelo Àlvarez, soprano Fiorenza Cedolins, baritone Ambrogio Maestri, musicologist and director Laura Cosso.

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